Do you have a criminal record? Here’s how to get a job …

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Do you, or someone that you know, have an adult criminal record?  If yes, then you (or they) likely find it very difficult to get hired.  Criminal background checks can be performed online for just a few dollars, so all employers now do them.  Unless an employer is desperate (there are no other qualified applicants for the job but you), then they are likely to hire the applicant without a record over you.

But do not despair.  There is an answer.  

You simply need to get qualified for those jobs where there is a shortage of qualified applicants.

The ones that we know of are:
-       Farm labor
-       Construction trades
-       Commercial Truck Driving

Commercial Truck Driving (truck, bus, etc), requires a Commercial Driving License (CDL).  To get this, you must:
1.     Pass a written test at the DMV (General Knowledge and Air Brake sections are required, Passenger Vehicles is recommended)
2.     Get a medical exam from a Department of Transportation (DOT)- approved doctor
3.     Pass a driving test at the DMV

The written test is the hardest of these 3 steps.

Need some readings, videos and practice tests to help prepare you for the written test? View our study material.

Once you are getting 80% correct on the practice tests, you are ready to take the exam at the DMV.  As of 2017, the DMV fee to take the tests was $73.

The DMV will give you a CDL Driver's Permit, as long as you:
1.  Pass the General Knowledge, Air Brakes and Combination Vehicles written test.
2.  Get a DOT-certified physician to fill out the DMV medical form.
3.  Show your original birth certificate, social security card and one proof of residence (letter from a utility, bank, etc).

With this permit, you qualify for state and federal programs that will pay your tuition to certified truck-driving school.  The problem is that it takes about 30 days to receive this government tuition.  And they only pay for schools that have 10-week classes.  That means that for 10 weeks you will not be able to do any other job.  Not many x-felons that we know have the luxury of not making money for 10 weeks.

But do not despair.  There is an answer.

If you live in California, have an adult criminal record and a CDL driver’s permit, we will pay for you to go to a non-certified truck driving school, which usually only lasts 1-2 weeks, and is more than enough training to pass the DMV driving test and get your license.

And then you are done.  Of the dozens of people that we have helped get a CDL in the past few years, everyone has had a high-paying job (more than $25/hour) within a few days of starting their job search.

When you are ready to take the written test or to go to trucking school, please Contact Us.


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